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  • Project

While it is true that just about anything can be built if you have enough time and money, that description doesn’t usually apply to most consumers.  Sometimes a vision is only that, and an early reality check while disappointing, can sometimes save a lot of money and substantial additional heartache.

  • Site

Every site is unique.  Topography, zoning, setbacks, access, utilities, soil type, drainage, environmental regulations, etc. all must be considered when assessing whether a specific site is suitable for the intended purpose.  Sometimes this assessment is pretty straightforward and quick, while at other times considerable time and expense is required to adequately confirm that a project will be able to move forward as envisioned on a given site.

  • Budget

Guestimating the likely cost of a project that is just a germ of an idea is a difficult and very inexact practice.  Nonetheless, many a project has been embarked upon with no real assessment as to the adequacy of the desired budget relative to the specific wants and needs of the consumer.  An early opinion as to the likelihood that the target budget is anywhere near adequate for the project envisioned is highly recommended. 

  • Schedule

Just as a desired budget might be unrealistic for a proposed project, so too might the target completion date. Often times consumers have completion dates in mind that tie to special events like a wedding or graduation.  It is helpful in these circumstances to know up front if a project can realistically be expected to reach completion by the target date.  There are many moving parts in a residential construction project that can delay completion, but some dates might be known up front to be unrealistic or aggressive.  Knowing this and planning for it, might allow both the project and the special event to proceed in a measured and enjoyable manner, rather than in a constant state of stress and uncertainty.

Assess Feasibility

  • Feasibility

Commencing a residential construction project can be a daunting task even for experienced consumers.  Every project is different, and while many considerations are universal, there are almost always special conditions unique to any given project.  Identifying and assessing as early in the process as possible, those issues that might create special challenges to a project (or perhaps derail it altogether), can often mean the difference between a frustrating and expensive wild goose chase, and an enjoyable and successful project.

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