How We Can Help

By being your advocate at all times, we can remain focused on those objectives most important to you and your project.  Guiding you through the process from preliminary feasibility assessment through selecting the right designer and contractor most suitable for your job, our goal is to tee up your project in such a way that the process is more enjoyable, and the outcome exceeds your expectations.

Save You Time

A thorough understanding of the process allows the client to efficiently navigate from concept to contract minimizing missteps and the need to retrace old ground.

Save You Money

While maybe not rocket science, residential construction projects can be extremely involved and complex, requiring coordinated interaction between many different players.  Given the large number of moving parts, there is ample opportunity for waste, inefficiency, and error - all of which cost money.  By entering the project with a more clear understanding of the process, and by utilizing guidance from an experienced advisor, many pitfalls can be avoided.

Minimize Frustration

Frustration usually results when things don't go as expected.  Creating a proper expectation of the process and then steering the client through the various milestones, can often go a long way towards ensuring a positive experience and outcome.  When issues arise (as they always do), maintaining good and open communication between all parties is vital to righting the ship.  Recognizing the pitfalls, and understanding what may or may not be a reasonable resolution, allows us to navigate successfully through most any challenge likely to be encountered.