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Troubleshoot/Support Construction Effort

  • Troubleshoot and Support

In an ideal world, once a project is commenced, things would go according to plan exactly.  In reality, nothing goes exactly to plan.  Maybe a detail isn’t matching a client’s vision, or perhaps things seem to be going slower than expected/desired.  While a good contractor and a reasonable client can and should be able to work through most issues as they arise, sometimes a 3rd party can play a constructive role.

  • Collaborate With Owner and/or Contractor To Seek Creative Solutions

A good contractor can often find a resolution to a challenging situation on their own.  Likewise, many clients , while not experienced day to day in residential construction, will often have a very good grasp of what they like and what they don’t.  That said, even working together, there are almost always additional solutions available in any given situation.  If the contractor and client can’t seem  to agree on a suitable solution, sometimes having a 3rd set of eyes can unearth some ideas that haven’t been considered.

  • Offer Opinions Related To Homeowner Concerns

As they say, “The client is always right”.  Hopefully your contractor lives by this adage to a large degree.  Sometimes, however, the client would be well served to consider what the contractor is recommending, even if it runs counter to the client’s desires.  Having a knowledgeable resource who can either support the contractor’s position or refute it, can help confirm that the contractor does in fact have the client’s best interests at heart.

  • Mediate Disputes Between Homeowner and Contractor (Non-Binding)

While hopefully never necessary, there is always the possibility that a client and contractor come to an impasse in a given situation.  Having a trusted intermediary might allow each to compromise in order to reach an outcome acceptable to each.

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