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What We Don't Do

While we strive to offer a broad array of assistance, we are mindful that we need to provide value to the overall project.  Certain tasks are better left to others who are either already engaged in the process, or who might be better positioned or have unique skill sets more suitable to a given task.  Whatever the need, we will always seek to make a positive contribution to the final outcome, whether it be to assist directly, make a referral, or simply get out of the way.

Gray Stettinius patiently works with the homeowner to explore innumerable options and gently guide decisions. This approach optimizes the outcome and minimizes the stress of building. We found our experience building our home to be enjoyable.

Dr. Joi Lenczowski

Dr. Galen Fisher

Detail Estimating

While we are qualified to produce detailed estimates, we do not offer this service.  Estimates are best prepared by the contractor being considered for the work, and utilizing detailed plans and specs as well as thorough review and input from the subcontractors and vendors they intend to use.  (We do offer rough budget estimating in certain cases).

Detail Estimating

Tuckahoe Creek's knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and respect for their client's costs are truly exceptional, and perhaps unique.

Cindy and Bob Proctor

Construction Supervision/Quality Control

There is only room for one contractor on a job, and they are being paid to schedule and supervise the work.  Limited visits by an outside party to help resolve isolated and infrequent issues can sometimes prove helpful.  Active involvement by a 3rd party who did not design the project and who has no direct control of the schedule or contractors and sub-contractors, can potentially create tension and ill will.

Const. Supervision/QC

Gray also helped us with a myriad of details that make our home very personal and unique. Tuckahoe Creek exceeded all of our expectations and made the entire home building process a pleasure.

Dr. and Mrs. James F. Robinson

Forensic Evaluation & Expert Testimony

In the unlikely event a material issue of significant concern should require litigation, we can assist in finding suitable professionals to evaluate and represent your interests, but we have no experience in this area, and do not offer these services directly.

Forensic Eval. & Expert Testimony

Tuckahoe Creek is always my first recommendation to anyone for a building project... whole house or addition.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Carey

Try To Be All Things To Everybody

As much as we'd love to be able to assist anyone who is kind enough to seek us out, we have limited capacity and as such, try to identify those projects where we can make the largest impact and provide the best value to the client.  Small projects like a bath or kitchen remodel, typically do not allow us sufficient scope to be truly helpful and cost effective.  Large, involved additions, whole house renovations, and one of a kind custom new construction give us multiple opportunities to provide meaningful assistance and typically at a cost that is proportionately small to the overall project budget.  In many cases on larger projects, we can often identify cost savings in excess of our fees.  Smaller projects typically don't offer the same advantage to the client.

Try To Be All Things To Everybody

Brainstorming design ideas, troubleshooting unexpected issues and staying on top of our budget through every phase of the project. The result was a realized vision of our dream home!

Lynda and Trey Hatcher

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