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The company has prided itself on being a small, hands-on building company focused on the quality of its craftsmanship, its attention to detail, and most especially its client-centric processes and service. The company has been recognized over the years with numerous awards for both design and customer service, but is most proud of its recognition as Guildmaster With Distinction for 8 straight years from 2010 through 2017, recognizing its achievement of the very highest levels of customer satisfaction as measured by an independent 3rd party survey service, Guild Quality. 


In 2017, Gray and his wife and partner, Laurie, recognized an unmet need in the custom residential construction market. In almost every prospect interaction, it was evident that most prospective clients either had limited experience, limited time, or both, and consequently often had difficulty identifying the professionals with whom they wished to partner, as well as getting any sort of traction in the planning process.    Much time and money seemed to be wasted attempting to get things going, only to circle back and retread old ground when a dead-end appeared. Often times, we were introduced late in the planning process after much frustration had already presented itself.  We were typically able to help the client get things on track, but we realized there had to be a better way to help folks sooner.  With this in mind, we have hung up our tools, and have embarked on a new chapter, operating as Tuckahoe Creek Construction Solutions, LLC,   While we will always remember fondly our almost 3 decades partnering with fantastic clients, subcontractors and vendors to produce many, many wonderful projects, we are no longer operating as a contractor.  However, by leveraging our time, and by avoiding any conflicts of interest, we are now using our knowledge and experience to help clients navigate the maze of decisions and players involved in orchestrating a successful residential construction project. And even better, we are no longer limited geographically.  We are thrilled that we can offer this service to any client, anywhere!

Who We Are


Co-Founder / Client Advisor

Co-Founder / Administration

Tuckahoe Creek Construction Solutions, LLC is an offshoot of Tuckahoe Creek Construction, Inc., a small, custom residential construction company co-founded in 1990 by Gray Stettinius. For 27 years, Tuckahoe Creek has specialized in luxury residential construction.  As a builder Tuckahoe Creek has primarily built and renovated homes along the River Road and Cary Street corridors, as well as in the Cities/Counties of Goochland, Powhatan, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield, Nelson, White Stone, and Virginia Beach.

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