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A residential construction project requires the involvement and collaboration of many different professionals all working together towards a common objective. Architects, Designers, Contractors, Subcontractors, Engineers, etc. all play valuable roles.  Our role is not to supplant or replace any of the above service providers.  Rather, we see our role as being the connective tissue that allows the other parties involved to do their best work on your behalf.

Who We Partner With


We are not a drafting service and are not licensed in architectural design.  We have extensive experience in working with multiple design styles and multiple architects/draftsmen, which allows us to contribute greatly to the design process with thoughts and ideas, but we do not execute/create/stamp drawings.


We are not licensed engineers, and will not at any time offer an opinion as to the structural design of a building, nor on any component in it to include but not be limited to: structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, grading/drainage, etc.


We are not lawyers, and while we might offer practical advice as to what you may or may not want to include in any contract being produced by your contractor, we cannot and will not offer any legal advice of any kind, and recommend that you ALWAYS consult with your attorney before signing any documents related to the construction of your project.


While Gray retains his Class A contractor's license, he no longer acts as General Contractor so as to avoid even the appearance of any conflict of interest.  


Very responsive, organized, and professional. Sets realistic expectations and cares a great deal about their clients. Extremely happy with the entire process.

Patricia & Steve Clarke

Building a custom home is a tremendous challenge and intimidating, to say the least. From the time we broke ground, we felt complete confidence in Tuckahoe Creek Construction to guide us through the entire process.

Lynda and Trey Hatcher

When you work with Tuckahoe Creek Construction, you experience professionalism, attention to detail, and resourcefulness. They were a pleasure to work with.

Melinda and Bill Hardy

They helped us with so many details in making decisions and were so positive and professional.

Jane and John Fain

WOW!! Could not have had a better renovation experience. Gray is polite, pleasant and helpful with suggestions and advice.

Jo Anne Walker

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